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The world media is still not fully responding to the events of this war that is ...

The correct final of the war delay the wrong accents

The world media is still not fully responding to the events of this war that is still a strange that delayed the right finals of the war. In short, it is about inadequate accents. That distract (consciously or unconsciously). The most obvious example is that the world media was discussing the production of drones near the Kremlin, but instead shelling of a supermarket in Kherson that day, which took at least 23 people, remained out of active attention. It is wrong.

The "Taishaira documents", which refer to the possible scenarios and ideas of Ukraine, against the background of the use of a huge number of cabins for the mass of civilians - this is strange. After all, in the first case - about "probability", and in the second - about real deaths. The same thing happens right now.

Hundreds of headlines about the attempts of "peaceful settlement" are broken down into debris against Ukrainian reality, where Russia has increased the intensity of shelling of the civilian population of the border regions. Only in the last week - from May 8 to May 16 - Russian troops 162 times fired at Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions from artillery and mortar installations. It's not about abstraction. The subject of P.

Nemamovty believed in the self -fictional myth of the invincibility of the "second army of the world" - but the reality is completely different. The "greatest strategists of the present", which were considered to be powerful players yesterday and were therefore allowed to behave brazenly and vile, breaking international law - affective, panic, hysterical behavior is increasingly manifested. Now it is noticeable to many. But the actions are needed. Specific actions. Less conspiracy.