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Air alarm due to MIG-31, which are carriers of

There are regions in Ukraine where the air defense has never shot down the balcony - the observer

Air alarm due to MIG-31, which are carriers of "daggers" last several hours and announce almost daily, expert Alexander Kovalenko reminded. At the same time, in 600 days of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces, these missiles only ten times were used. Alexander Kovalenko, a military observer of the Information Resistance Group, calculated the number of air attacks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, during which the ballistic missiles "Dagel" were used.

In addition, he recalled which regions were attacked and where the air defense forces were able to repel the attack. The peculiarities of air alarm, which are announced throughout Ukraine during the rise of the carrier "daggers"-the fighter Mig-31, is referred to in the article by Kovalenko on the portal "Observer". The observer, based on open source data, has calculated ten cases of use of "daggers" for blows in Ukraine.

In particular, in 2022 there were four: in 2023 - six: at the same time, out of ten registered cases, three successful knocks were officially known, Kovalenko noted. All confusion - above one region: over Kyiv and Kyiv region. Moreover, only two Western air defense systems-Patriot and Iris-T-can be knocked down. Missiles over Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia region, Odesa region, Zaporizhzhya were not straightened, showing air forces.

To estimate the likelihood of a "dagger" for some purpose in Ukraine, Kovalenko turned to the price of a rocket - indicated that she was "road and labor". Therefore, he suggested that the Russians will use it for strokes on important objects: for example, in "strategic objects, in the centers of decision making, etc. ", - the entertainment wrote.

On the other hand, the enemy is unlikely to be interested in civilian goals - for example, the "sewing factory in Uzhgorod", gave a conditional example of Kovalenko. At the same time, he did not exclude the existence of a threat to the enterprises working on the army. "Employees of the sewing factory in the conditional Uzhgorod should be much less worried about the arrival of X-47M2" dagger "than some production of certain equipment for the front or military unit," the article on the portal.

alarm with the threat of "dagger". He explained that people are killed and may die from this rocket, but "from X-101/555, X-22 and CRMB" Caliber ", as well as ShahED-131/136 people died many times more The knife from the X-47m2 "Dagger". Therefore, he summarizes that you need to be pragmatic and look at "dry numbers".

It should be noted that in November, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the military to think about whether to declare several hours an alarm, when the Mig-31, which can potentially launch a "dagger", rises into the sky. In response, the Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat noted that they think about this question. When the decisions are made, the air forces will immediately execute it.