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The diplomatic institution emphasized that they would be

To the USA No foot: the State Department does not exclude Putin's arrest if he visits the Ates Summit

The diplomatic institution emphasized that they would be "very surprised" if Vladimir Putin, who almost did not go beyond the Russian Federation for the fear of arrest for his war crimes, would want to appear at the APEC meeting. The US does not rule out that the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Summit of APEC, which will take place in San Francisco in mid-November, may end with his arrest.

The spokesman of the US State Department Matthew Miller said this during a pressing in Washington, Ukrinform reports. "We recognize our obligations as the owner of APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation). But we will follow our rules and provisions on sanctions," he said, answering the Russian journalist's questions about whether the United States is planning to officially invite Putin to the summit In San Francisco.

He also added that he would be very surprised if the Russian president came to the United States, because because of fear of being arrested for his crimes, he was afraid to travel abroad. True, Miller did not answer the question of whether the United States is ready, which is not a member of the International Criminal Court, to arrest the Kremlin leader. "There are other mechanisms of liable that are used and the ISS is just one of them," the State Department representative said.