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Belarusian aviation will carry nuclear warheads, but Moscow will retain control ...

The Russian Federation will throw nuclear weapons to Belarus: in ISW ​​pointed to the danger to Lukashenko

Belarusian aviation will carry nuclear warheads, but Moscow will retain control over them. The Kremlin uses all opportunities for absorption of Belarus, confident experts of the Institute of War. Russia and Belarus have signed an agreement on preparation for placement on the territory of the last tactical nuclear weapons (Tyaz). The actual transmission of the Minsk nuclear arsenal is unlikely, the analysts of the Institute of War Study in the report of May 25.

The transfer of Belarus will mean a clear escalation of the situation from Russia. Belarusian planes will be able to carry nuclear warheads, but Moscow will continue to control nuclear stocks. "The Russian Federation will deploy a sore in Belarus until July 1. It is likely that it will restore tedious information operations on potential nuclear escalation through war in Ukraine. Or where you do not, " - experts said.

The deployment of the Russian Davise will require Belarus to create significant military infrastructure and the availability of the Russian command to control the units of the Belarusian Armed Forces. "The Kremlin will probably use these requirements for further integration of Belarus into the sphere of Russian security," analysts summed up.

We will remind that on May 25, self -proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declared responsibility for the preservation of nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation. The dictator promised that saboteurs would not be worried about his country. In Minsk, May 25 was met by the heads of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and Belarus Sergey Shoiga and Victor Khrenin. The ministers have signed an agreement on the placement of non -patient nuclear weapons in Belarus.