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Six children who have returned to Ukraine after forced deportation by Russia met...

Ukraine can count on the support of the Netherlands in returning home Ukrainian children, forcibly deported to the Russian Federation, - Andriy Yermak as a result of the visit of the Ukrainian delegation to the Netherlands within Bring Kids Back UA

Six children who have returned to Ukraine after forced deportation by Russia met with European leaders in the Hague to personally tell their stories and draw attention to the violations of the rights of children committed by Russia.

The children were accompanied by the Ukrainian delegation, which included the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets, the adviser - the Presidential President of Ukraine and Children's Rehabilitation Darya Gerasimchuk, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Netherlands Alexander Karasevich and co -founder of the Orphans Feeding.

The two -day event in the Netherlands was organized within the framework of the Bring Kids Back UA, which is approved by President Vladimir Zelensky, part of which is the Stolen Voice Information campaign, with the support of Orphans Feeding Foundation. Within its mission, the Ukrainian delegation provided information on the forced movement of Ukrainian children by the Russian Federation, including the mechanisms under the international crime of Russia.

Representatives of the Dutch side personally heard the horrific stories of violent deportation of six children. The meetings were held by Ms. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Hanke Bryuins Sloth and representatives of the Dutch Parliament Committee. During a conversation with the Ukrainian delegation, Ms. Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Hanke Brugins, the slot voiced the intention of the Netherlands to support Ukraine in a new project on reunification of families through DNA.

Using DNA express tests, the Netherlands seek to help Ukraine create a DNA database, which will quickly establish family connections of children stolen by Russia and facilitate their return to their families as soon as possible. "The full -scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine has led to mass violations of fundamental rights and spread of illegal deportation and theft of our children," said Andrey Ermak, Head of the Presidential Office of Ukraine.

“Our goal is to completely stop the violent deportation of our children to Russia and take all necessary measures to return home safely. Ukraine needs the support of allies and partners to return each child to their homeland. Today these are our Ukrainian children, tomorrow can be yours, ”the head of the office of the Head of State added. “No one in the world has the right to destroy a peaceful and happy childhood.

Let me remind you that only 386 children managed to return to Ukraine, and more than 19. 5 thousand children are waiting for our help. It is necessary to respond to this terrible situation immediately and effectively, ” - said the adviser - the Presidential of Ukraine on the Rights of the Child and Children's Rehabilitation, the coordinator of Bring Kids Back UA Darya Gerasimchuk.

The Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets stated: “We are in the process of developing a mechanism for the return of Ukrainian children. This involves checking and updating data on deported children, documenting Russia's crimes, and offering practical actions for individual countries to facilitate the return of specific children or groups of children.

We continue to identify new cases of forced movement and deportation of Ukrainian children by the Russian Federation. The guilty will be responsible for their actions under the law, and Ukrainian children will reun with their families. " “The Orphans Feeding Foundation has supported Ukraine since the beginning of a full -scale invasion, and the support of Bring Kids Back UA is our absolute priority.

We cooperate with the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Ombudsman of Ukraine to find and return children, as well as to raise awareness in this topic so that these crimes are recognized as international institutions. Our goal is to make the voices of Ukrainian children heard, ”said Orphans Feeding Foundation Mariam Lambert. “Any country, organization or individual may join the implementation of the Bring Kids Back UA initiative within the action plan.