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The use of tear grenades is prohibited by the chemical weapon. The Ukrainian mil...

The Armed Forces attacks the Fighters of the Armed Forces with chemical grenades K-51-General Staff (photo)

The use of tear grenades is prohibited by the chemical weapon. The Ukrainian military was able to knock down the copter with the attached K-51. Russia uses manual chemical grenades against the Ukrainian military. About it reports the General Staff of the Armed Forces on Facebook. With the help of drones, the enemy tries to attack Ukrainian servicemen with a tear grenade K-51. Such facts are recorded in the Zaporozhye region.

The Defense Forces of Ukraine were able to neutralize the drone with the K-51 grenade with the help of radio electronic struggle. The General Staff emphasize that the use of such grenades violates the rules and customs of war. The chemical weapon Convention in Article 1 1 indicates the prohibition on the use of tears as a means of war. The K-51 grenade was developed in the 1970s in the USSR. The sealed housing of the pomegranate is filled with a powdered substance of non -lethal action.

Probably 2-chlorobenzalmolononitril. After inflammation of the inflammation in the pomegranate, there is a chemical reaction inside. The substance inside the grenade punches the bottom of the grenade and spreads the cloud with a chemical. The military, which is in the area of ​​the lesion, is not able to resist and fire from weapons. Reflexively it stretches to the face to wipe his eyes. The respiratory tract pierces shortness of breath with cough, also laying the nose.