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The Ukrainian Air Force pilots began to use missiles without an official announc...

The killer of the air defense. Ukrainian Air Force first showed Harm missiles on the MiG-29 fighter (video)

The Ukrainian Air Force pilots began to use missiles without an official announcement of the US supply. Their transfer was already confirmed by postfactum. The Ukrainian pilot mounted a video about his fighting departures in honor of the deceased brothers Yevgen Lysenko. The frames show the American anti-radar missile AGM-88 HARM. About it reports the command of the Air Force of Ukraine on Facebook. The pilot Yevgen Lysenko was killed in an air battle with Russian invaders on March 9.

The staff assembled by Ivan pilot shows the fighter's combat work. The military struck the enemy, paired with another fighter, and also showed AGM-88 Harm on board. It is worth noting that the military pilot worked at extremely low heights, flying a few tens of meters above the ground. Harm is an anti-radiological rocket designed to destroy anti-aircraft missile complexes.

It was not previously intended for installation on the Soviet MiG-29 fighter jets, but the Ukrainian military was able to do so. The rocket is able to find and destroy the radar at a distance of up to 150 km. We will remind, NYT wrote that Ukrainian engineers are amazing in ingenuity in the use of weapons. The Armed Forces literally create effective improvised solutions on the move. This is what helped the army to flood the cruiser "Moscow".