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During the special operation on the cargo ship, the attackers shouted slogans ag...

Acted as a miniarmia: Yemeni Husiti showed footage of capture of the Galaxy Leader ship (video)

During the special operation on the cargo ship, the attackers shouted slogans against Israel, testifies to the video. In this case, the ship has a fairly distant relationship with Israel. The Hussite group seized the Galaxy Leader cargo ship using a military helicopter. The crew of the ship did not resist armed people who ran the ship, waving machine guns. The frame of landing on the ship and the actions of the Iranian proxy unit published the CLASH REPORT on Twitter.

Every step of special operations were recorded on video. First, they shown how they flew on a helicopter, which sat freely on the deck of a cargo ship. The helicopter was well -equipped with machine guns. The video can count their approximate number: about six people got into the frame. Armed pirates were moving in harmony as a trained military unit of some miniarmia, shows a record. They broke into the felling and forced the crew.

Then they went down into the hold - they ran on a large empty room and shouted "Allah Akbar" and something about Israel. The latest footage shows the Galaxy Leader movement, which is moving forward, surrounded by six boats, each with at least two people. It should be noted that the capture of the cargo ship Hussites became known the day before, November 19. The ship moved from Turkey to India in the Red Sea, on board - 22 crew members, among them - no citizen of Israel.

On the mast of Major, the flag of the Bahamas islands, which was leased by the British, and the Japanese rented. It is also known that the ship is tangent to the Israeli businessman Rami Unger - he partially owns it. Pirates stated that their goal was to attack ships that are related to Israel or "carry the flag of the Zionist formation. " Hutivit is a militarized formation that has been operating in Yemen, starting, approximately, since 1994.

Their slogan is "the Great God, the death of the United States, the death of Israel, the curse of Jews and the victory of Islam. " Yemen is located on the southern bank of the Arabian Peninsula. From it to Israel - about 1900 km. The number of members of the group increased twice and in 2020 reached 200,000 people. In this case, the Yemen's Government indicates that Husita acts under the guidance of Iran. The network also called other "allies", including North Korea, Syria and even Russia.