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UAV belongs to the PTERO family, whose representatives are designed for intellig...

The Armed Forces was knocked down by the secret Russian drone "Cartographer" with 12 cameras: what is known about it

UAV belongs to the PTERO family, whose representatives are designed for intelligence and cards. Ukraine's air forces managed to bring down a secret Russian drone called "Cartographer". About it writes the portal "Military". According to the Central Air Command press service on Facebook, on August 19-20, Ukrainian anti-aircraftmen successfully hit and destroyed two unmanned aerial vehicles of the enemy in the southeast direction.

In the photo, the analysts recognized the reconnaissance drone "Orlan-10" and very similar to it "Cartograph", which is characterized by blue body color and the presence of a camera with 12 lenses for more detailed shooting. According to the Gagadget site, Cartographer is a family of multi -purpose PTERO -made unmanned complexes made by the company of the same name.

On July 31, they wrote that one of these drones of the Armed Forces was shot down with the help of the Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system. Since the beginning of the 2014 war, only three cases of PTERO UAV have been recorded to this day. PTERO class drones began to be released in 2010 by the Russian company "AFM-servers", later the project was allocated to a separate enterprise. Such UAVs are functionally and externally reminiscent of the "Orlan-10" model, but differs in some features.

PTERO drones are high -plants with a low screw position that moves internal combustion engines. They are equipped with 80 MP cameras and thermal units. Operators can control the PTEBOT software. According to the "militaristic", the model "cartograph" is used not by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, but the other department, perhaps, the FSB.

Separate UAV components, including the optical-electronic system, is made by a Russian company that helps the "special technological center" to create "Orlans" and is under US sanctions. The detailed characteristics of the cartographer are kept secret. Earlier, they wrote that the Armed Forces were shot down for the first time the rare Russian Dron "Eleron T28me" for $ 100,000.