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The invaders tried to hide the artillery plant under a masking net among the tre...

Tore in half: FPV-Dron effectively destroyed Russian Carnation (Video)

The invaders tried to hide the artillery plant under a masking net among the trees, but the Ukrainian military tracked it and attacked it. The Ukrainian military, with the help of the FPV-Drone, destroyed the Russian self-propelled artillery installation of the 2C1 "carnation". The corresponding video appeared in the Telegram-channel of manufacturers of "Squadron". Russian invaders hid their own in landing and covered with a camouflage grid.

However, the M2 FPV pilot still calculated the location of the enemy equipment and sent a drone-Kamikadze drone there. The drone successfully overcame the distance from the starting point to the hidden armored vehicles and hit it in the forage part. The scooter-paired reconnaissance drowning with the FPV-a-oron removed the effects of the attack for the operators. Initially, the self -propelled artillery installation swept the fire.

And when he subsided, it became clear that the SAU had torn into parts: the tower lay at some distance from the body. "Another carnation was thwarted during the preparation of" funeral "invaders", - the creators of the drones were signed. Carnation "Carnation" is a Soviet self -propelled howitzer, which was produced from 1969 to 1991. A total of over 10,000 SAU units were issued. It has a 122mm rifled cannon. The shooting range is up to 15. 2 km with a firing up to 5 shots per minute.

The technique is intended for suppression and destruction of living power, artillery and mortar batteries, as well as for the destruction of das, providing passes in mine fields and field barriers. It should be noted that according to the Oryx project only during August 2023, the Ukrainian military managed to destroy 4 carnation artillery units that belonged to the enemy. And in September, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation lost another unit of this self -propelled artillery unit.

Recall that at the end of August, the Drones of the Armed Forces destroyed a powerful mortar "Tulip" and SAU "Acacia" under Bakhmut. The mortar uses the largest artillery caliber - 240 mm. The invaders hid the equipment among residential buildings, but UAV operators still got it. And at the end of July 2023, the fighters of the Legion "Freedom of Russia" destroyed the carnation.