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The Ukrainian Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival will be held outside Ukraine for the f...

Prymachenko and photo exhibition of war. Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival will be held in Oxford

The Ukrainian Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival will be held outside Ukraine for the first time. It will be possible to visit Oxford from September 28 to October 1 as part of the Ukrainian Culture Weeks. The festival will be held in the framework of Ukrainian Culture Weeks 2022. The program seven classical music concerts, composer Valentin Sylvestrov's 85th composer, photo exhibition, screenings, music performances and discussions.

Video Day Main Message Event Bouquet Kyiv Stage in Oxford - Gratitude from UA to UK. “The United Kingdom was one of the first countries of the world, which clearly and uncompromisingly declared its position in the unprovoked cruel war, resolved by Russia against Ukraine. From the first day of the war, the United Kingdom provides Ukraine with great invaluable support.

Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival in Oxford is a thanksgiving of the British people and our cultural contribution to Ukrainian Culture Weeks, ”the organizers of the festival, the Ukrainian Cultural Center, Master class said. Oxford has been chosen as the festival, as it is a city of free thought and a free word, the place of origin, establishment and preservation of democratic and universal values ​​that Ukraine today won for the whole world.

“In the most difficult period for Ukraine since its independence, the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival is an opportunity to celebrate and honor the rich culture and heritage of Ukraine. We feel a deep sense of unity with the people of Ukraine and consider it our duty to maintain its unique culture, ”said Helen Clark, Vice Director Cherwell College Oxford, which became one of the initiators of the event. Bouquet Kyiv Stage will take place at Sheldonian Theatre, Christ Church Cathedral, St.

Michael's Church, Hollywell Music Hall, Trinity College and Oxford Town Hall. These are very significant Oxford locations. On September 28, the opening of Bouquet Kyiv Stage will be a music concert Valentin Sylvestrov performed by the Ukrainian Chamber Choir Kyiv. The program will become world premieres. Thus, the festival celebrates the anniversary of the world -famous Ukrainian composer Valentin Sylvestrov, who will be 85 years old on September 30.

The well-known British choir Apollo5 will perform two world premieres of Ukrainian composers on September 30-Victoria Poleva and Anna Kuzina-Zhozdestven. On September 30, the Festival will be the Grand concert of the British Orchestra of St John's under the direction of John Labbok on the prestigious Oxford-Sheldonian Theater. The concert program will feature works of Handel, Vedel, Bortniansky and Berezovsky. Photo exhibition War of photographer-documentary Alexander Glyalov.

Photos of the artist are taken in Irpin, Bucha, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and other destroyed cities of Ukraine. They were on the first pages of the world's leading publications. Musical and visual performance tribute to the work of Maria Primachenko, a world-famous artist who worked in the genre of naive art. The museum in the village of Ivankiv, Kyiv region, where the collection of Maria Primachenko was stored, was burned by Russian invaders in February 2022.

Music performance of Face the Future from the Ukrainian designer Fyodor Vozianov. The speaker of Public Talks will be Nelya Kukovalskaya, CEO of the Main Museum Complex of Ukraine and UNESCO World Heritage Site - National Reserve Sofia Kyivska. The Ukrainian Culture Weeks 2022 initiative was launched in the spring of 2022 Cherwell College Oxford, Oxford University UKRAINIAN SOCIETY and the Master class in support of Ukraine and Ukrainian cultural heritage.