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According to Christie Ryk, the US and Europe have fear since the Cold War, so th...

Balance required: Estonian expert named 2 reasons why the event gives insufficient weapons

According to Christie Ryk, the US and Europe have fear since the Cold War, so they are in no hurry to provoke Russia. In the future, this can attack the Kremlin on one of NATO countries. Western partners continue to supply military assistance to Ukraine, but sometimes it is not enough to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

Deputy Director of the International Defense and Security Center in Tallinn and European Security Expert Christi Ryk in an interview with RBC-Ukraine told why this is happening. According to her, there are two main reasons why the US and Europe continue to supply weapons for the Armed Forces in limited quantities. One of them is the fear of provoking Russia. "Well, first, the fear of escalation has a great influence on the US decision, the decision of Germany.

This fear reaches the roots during the Cold War-they say, it is necessary to keep the balance and not provoke Russia," said Christie Ryk. At the same time, according to Estonian expert, if you understand Moscow that she can go on - she will exercise escalation, so there is no point in talking about some fear. NATO is now much stronger than Russia, but the Kremlin is watching the alliance's decisions and looking at him or her political endurance to protect all members of the Union.

"If in the future it seems that the Alliance is so weak that Russia may have a chance to blow it up and may even attack some of NATO countries, she will do it," Christie Ryk added. The second reason why the West countries send to Ukraine the lack of weapons is exhaustion. Almost two years since the beginning of the invasion, Ukrainian allies gave almost everything they had. You can see now, continues the Estonian expert, as Europeans cannot provide the required amount of ammunition to Ukraine.

"Again, Western politicians who do not see a significant threat to Russia for their country are difficult to explain to our citizens that suddenly we will have to significantly increase the cost of defense," Crristy rail summed up. We will remind, on November 14 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the EU could not provide 1 million ammunition for the Armed Forces.