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According to the NSDC Secretary, actions from the Kremlin detractors have led to...

"Hunted Russians": Danilov believes that Kadyrov tried to poison several times (video)

According to the NSDC Secretary, actions from the Kremlin detractors have led to complications in the kidneys in Chechnya. At the same time, hasty conclusions to draw early, because people can be in a coma for months. The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov called not to reject the poisoning of Chechnya Kadyrov's poisoning. This could have caused the probable deterioration of health. He stated this on the air of the Telvahorphone on September 18.

According to him, the fact that Ramzan Kadyrov's health problems is no secret for anyone. Particular attention is worth the version of what precisely led to the deterioration of Chechnya. "There is an assumption that it was poisoning, and repeated poisoning that gave some complications on the kidney system. As far as we understand that the video that is, it may be a completely old video that has nothing to do with today.

What Kadyrov was hunted by Russians - a well -known struggle of the groups in the Kremlin, " - said Alexei Danilov. Ramzan Kadyrov himself, continued the Secretary of the NSDC, had and had a huge impact on various processes. It could have led him to the situation in which he found himself today. At the same time, to make hasty conclusions and forecasts for the health of Ramzan Kadyrov Alexei Danilov did not, because a person can be in a coma for months.

But if he eventually dies, then it will affect the political situation within the Russian Federation. "There will be a weakening of the position of one group with which the other grouping in the Kremlin. They are constantly finding out the relationship.

What concerns the Caucasus, there may be certain processes that indicate that power in Russia in general is extremely fragile," - the Secretary of the NSDC continued, adding separately that the Kremlin's fragility was already proven by the military rebellion of the head of PEC "Wagner" by Yevgeny Prigogine. As a result, the turbulence will lead to new threats to nuclear weapons. We will remind, on September 15 it was reported that Kadyrov may have kidney problems due to possible poisoning.