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Grossengine was under the Soviet occupation, so locals oppose any weapon, and th...

"We don't support war": in Germany a 20,000th city forced RheinMetall not to build a plant

Grossengine was under the Soviet occupation, so locals oppose any weapon, and they also love and fear Russia. RheinMetall did not explain the local, which requires supporting, so as a result, there will be no ammunition there. The German defense giant Rheinmetall wants to build a ammunition plant on Saxony lands. The land management was initiative, but the residents of Grossenhain and the local deputies opposed. About it reports The New York Times.

The Saxony Government is considering building a new ammunition factory as a step towards economic growth. The city is an airfield where the famous German AC of the First World Baron was based on Manfred von Richtgofen. During the Second World War and then during the Soviet occupation, the airfield continued to play an important role. Therefore, the company could create hundreds of new jobs and help restore the Bundeswehr.

However, in Grossengain itself, 16 of the 22 members of the city council signed a letter from Chancellor Olaf Scholtsi to block the project. Also, the far -right "Alternative for Germany" party held a rally at which they opposed the sale of weapons to Ukraine. "We do not want to participate in wars around the world bypass. We reject the further economic and military use of the city, as it was for years," it went to a petition, which was suggested to sign residents at the June rally.

The rebellion in a little Grossengina, which would be easy to discard as a small town policy, actually demonstrates much more concern among some Germans, especially in the former communist East. They write in the publication. They are concerned about Germany's obligations to equip Ukraine. In the eastern part of Germany, both the fear of the Russian Federation and the commitment to it have stored. In a broader sense, many Germans still feel deep disgust for war through the Nazi past.

"We no longer need a weapon. We no longer want the army. We don't need it anymore. We want to live in peace with Russia. It is very difficult to explain to people why we must protect Ukraine . One of the left -wing members in Grossengain Curstin Latherbach opposes the supply of weapons not only in Ukraine but in general. She also considers the West and the US to be guilty that the conflict could not be resolved peacefully.

"I can imagine that Putin feels compressed, because NATO is getting closer and closer," says Lauterbach. The problem is that the local little gave information about what the factory in the city would look like. Because of this, gossip and concern about ecology are spreading. However, from an economic point of view, the RheinMetall plant would provide $ 840 million in investments and would create 600 jobs.