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The artist Vladislav Shereshevsky presented more than forty new paintings at the...

War, Life and Food: What canvases on a military theme can be seen in a fresh exhibition in Kiev

The artist Vladislav Shereshevsky presented more than forty new paintings at the Exhibition "War. Life is going on", many of which are devoted to the topic of food and drink. The opening of a new exhibition by Vladislav Shereshevsky under the name "War. Life continues", which includes its this year's canvases. Shereshevsky is known as one of the best Ukrainian masters of art. About it reports focus in its article "You want to eat.

In Kiev a" delicious "exhibition, where the topic of food and drink combined war and peace. " The artist presented more than forty new paintings, many of which are devoted to the topic of food and drink. The history of "culinary assortment" began with the fact that during the war Vladislav Shereshevsky, arranging his exhibition, in his canvases, as always, played with words.

He depicted the "Palyanitsa" (the motto of Ukrainian defenders in March 2022)-a magical bread on a black and space background. These works of Shereshevsky immediately became very popular and quickly dispersed, like "hot pies". The audience appreciated them. This series of canvases began to gain more and more popularity, which surprised the artist himself. Shereshevsky decided to expand his "assortment".

Here, the theme of food and drink has suddenly turned into military topics: in the painting "Morning coffee" a strong drink is used on the front of three fighters. Are you postmodern improvisation on cinema and war in the canvas "Do you want to take a gun? Yes, zet?". It will be interesting for movie guns. Named in the famous Tarantino fighter "Criminal Reading" (1994), Zet is a maniac guard, who raped Marcellas Voles.

Boxer Butch, who played Bruce Willis, freed himself from the ropes and wanted to escape, but regretted Voles. He took a Japanese sword - a katana from the storefront and first killed the guard and then Voles. The canvas shows this tense scene, when the guard Z seized with his gun, and a cult phrase was heard, which the artist called the painting. "Z" became a Ukrainian nickname for Russian invaders. Shereshevsky moved the scene from a cult film to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Interestingly, Shereshevsky has another canvas with a quote, but this time not from cinema, but from literature - "Divine comedy" Dante. The picture is called the lines before the poet's entry into hell: "On the halfway of the earth, having lost the trail, I entered the forest drowsy. He stood, so formidable and powerful. " The canvas depicts a monument to the Italian poet in Kiev, protected by sandbags from shelling. This is a symbolic canvas: the poet got into the hell of the war.

Next to him is a Ukrainian military "intelligence". And opposite them hangs a portrait of "corrective" of Russian shelling. Exposition address: Vakulenko Art, Kyiv, vul. Church, 8, 11:00 - 19:00 (Mon, Mon, Fri - weekends). The exhibition will last until December 24. Free entrance. Read more in the material of the focus "You want to eat. In Kiev, a" delicious "exhibition has opened, where the theme of food and drink combined war and peace.