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According to the victim's brother, the attack could be made on national soil, si...

The former Marines of the United States were attacked in Russian prison - the media

According to the victim's brother, the attack could be made on national soil, since "anti -American sentiment" is often found among prisoners in prisons. The former US Marines Paul Wilan, who is in prison on the territory of the Russian Federation, was attacked. About it writes Sky News on November 29, referring to the statement of the brother of the victim Dave Vilan. It is reported that Paul Wilan, got a blow to the face after asking another prisoner to move.

"The new prisoner blocked part of the production line, and Paul asked him to get off the road. After repeated requests, the prisoner hit Paul on his face, breaking his glasses, and tried to hit him for the second time," Dave Vilan said. Once the former US military stood up to repel a second blow, the other prisoners intervened trying to stop the fight. Dave Vilan believes that the cause of the attack was the origin of his brother.

He noted that among Russian prisoners "there are often" anti -American sentiment. It should be noted that Paul Wilan was sentenced in Russia on charges of espionage in 2020. It is serving a period in the correctional colony in the Mordovsk region of Russia. The US is rejected the accusations of the Russian side against Wilan. We will remind, on July 13, investigators reported that in Russia plan to build 25 new colonies and six other detention centers in the occupied territories of Ukraine by 2026.