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We publish a speech of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov, proclai...

Corruption is equated with terrorists. And with the terrorists of negotiations do not lead

We publish a speech of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov, proclaimed in the Verkhovna Rada before appointment for me the honor today to be presented by the President for the post of Minister of Defense of Ukraine. I thank all the soldiers who daily knock out the occupiers from our territories and bring the victory closer. I thank their families that is a reliable support for them. It's a challenge.

Having enlisted with your support, dear deputies and members of the government, I will accept this challenge and do everything for the victory of Ukraine - we will release every centimeter of our country. This war for me began not in 2022, and not even in 2014. For my family and all the Crimean Tatar people, the war with Russia began several centuries ago, when Moscow first occupied my native Crimea.

I was born in deportation, the child survived all the difficulties of Russian colonialism, which tried to make the indigenous Crimean Tatar people feel alien on their land. They did not work then and will never work. And the main goal today is to win the war. Every day, military expenses are increasing and we must have a powerful strategy as in such realities to act the country to win. - More than three trillion hryvnias need Ukraine annually - 1. 6 trillion for the security and defense sector.

The revenue part of the budget is only 1. 4 trillion. That is, more than one and a half trillion is required to continue the fight. - More than one million people are in the security and defense sector today, of which more than 800,000 are the Armed Forces. - Before the full -scale war, this figure was 261,000. The defense budget is a third of GDP-a giant for any economy of the world. Only by the end of this year we will need an additional UAH 250 billion for cash. And these costs increase daily.

The Ministry of Defense is a key body of strategies and defense policies. One of the first steps in office - our team will make an audit of all the areas that are under the control of the Ministry of Defense today. The Ministry team will develop the concept of transformation of the Defense System of Ukraine - with the new national security and defense strategy of Ukraine - according to the doctrine of the President of Ukraine, new challenges, realities and NATO standards.

The experience of our army, our warriors, our institutions is a unique and unprecedented development for the development of a new world security architecture. Today, Ukraine not only implements NATO standards, but also participates in the development of new standards together with our partners. NATO principles are based on freedom - along with democracy, human rights and the rule of law. NATO mission is the protection of its own territories.

For these principles and the mission for the tenth year, by shedding blood, our Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainian people, are fighting blood. One person's resistance is the resistance of the whole country. There are 42 million Ukrainians behind our warrior. And we, as a ministry, will do everything to protect, ensure all our people. Unfortunately, those who are temporarily in captivity will be returned. All - prisoners of war, political prisoners, children, civilians.

Let us return normal and decent life to Ukrainian cities, which, unfortunately, are temporarily occupied. We know that people are waiting for us. Because these are our people and our territories. Military priorities are our people, their lives and dignity - are our priority and the highest value. The work of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine - to ensure respect for the dignity of soldiers in all interactions with the state. As a result, we have to give more power to our soldiers.

Weapons focus - to increase opportunities and strategic early planning of needs. Among the important strategic tasks - we need to increase the defensive capabilities of the Ukrainian manufacturer: - everything that can be produced in Ukraine - should be produced in Ukraine - as a ministry, we will, for our part safety. Among the operating priority tasks-we begin to actively prepare the necessary infrastructure for full operation of the F-16.

Provision of the Ukrainian warrior must be provided with everything necessary from the state: weapons, military equipment, form, equipment, personal protective equipment, food. To do this, we need to establish a system of early planning and predicting needs, dincing all processes. We need to introduce the practice of formation of strategic stocks - so that in the event of urgent needs we can respond promptly. Medicine must transform the system into which the warrior enters, especially injured.

VLK - this abbreviation in today's sense must remain in the past. The task is to digate all processes: to launch a single register of conscripts that will make any corruption risks. Crusteral medicine - the path of the wounded from the battlefield to the provision of medical care should work so that each soldier receives assistance in a timely manner. Our task: 1. Provide the necessary armored medical machines for evacuation. 2.

To establish the process of timely informing the stabilization points about the wounded - so that after arrival the warrior receives help immediately, because every minute is decisive. We need to completely change philosophy and approaches to military training: to introduce a basic general military training - a system of training of citizens before their mobilization.

To reform the military training system, taking into account the experience gained in hostilities to deploy recruiting centers with the creation of targeted programs. Digital is all that can digitize - we have digitize. All information about the warrior should be in the Digital: electronic military ticket, digitalization of VLK and hospitals, an electronic journal, a report for the military. Cybersecurity issues are a separate priority of work.

The military does not have to spend their time filling the stacks of unnecessary papers. For example, from the military heard that each company fills an average of 11 magazines and other documentation daily. This is unacceptable to a fighting country. Justice must create an effective and effective system of military justice: military police, military prosecutors, military courts. Fighting corruption zero tolerance and zero tolerance for corruption.

Each stolen hryvnia costs the life and safety of our soldiers. In my philosophy, corrupt officials are equated with terrorists. And with terrorists, they do not lead any negotiations. Our plan is to make it impossible to make corruption. We have to fully launch procurement agencies that have to work under NATO standards. Defense Agency. Our plan is to create a register of procurement, which will be opened the next day after the end of martial law.

Everything that does not concern weapons (food, clothing, etc. ) - will work as a separate agency, which we plan to launch fully by the end of the year. Everything should be transparent and open. This is a matter of honor. International interaction should be even more hard work with an international coalition to bring the heavy weapons needed to our soldiers more promptly. We will continue to attract all international partners to provide our military on the battlefield.

The main task - from the agreements at the highest political level with partners to delivery of weapons to the battlefield - occupied the minimum delivery time. One of the biggest resources we have today is time. We have to use it effectively and to strengthen our military every day. I want to contact our international partners separately. We are grateful for all the support that we have been given over the years.

Today, in the eyes of partners, Ukraine is the latest country where the most fondly people live. We need support for joint victory, we need a powerful weapon. We are strong and have to act together to defeat the aggressor. From childhood, I was taught five basic values: 1. Sincerity 2. Honor 3. Dignity 4. Respect 5. Justice. Today I have another important value - victory. No matter what position we occupy - we continue to do everything possible and impossible every day for our victory.