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The C-200 was widely exported, but later the system is outdated, and most countr...

Turned into "Earth-Earth": the first video of the start of the M-200 missiles modernized by Ukraine appeared

The C-200 was widely exported, but later the system is outdated, and most countries stopped using it in the 1990s and 2000s. Ukraine has officially removed the latest C-200 batteries in the fall of 2013. The video appeared on the network, probably launching modernized Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles C-200. It was published by Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov. According to him, these frames can be the first visual confirmation of the launch of such missiles.

"Most likely, only the case remained from the original rocket. After all, in order to turn this rocket into a ballistic, it was necessary to process the guidance system," Butusov writes. Where and when the footage was made is unknown. The C-200 anti-aircraft missile complexes began to be developed in the Soviet Union 60 years ago. They were developed by the Diamond Design Bureau in St. Petersburg. The complex was adopted in 1967.

After that, he was improved several times, in particular, tried to increase their range. At the end of 2013, during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, it was announced that they were removed from the weapons of these SPRs because of their allegedly obsolete. The launchers were dismantled and the missiles were stored, so Ukraine was actually without air defense on the eve of the occupation of Crimea.

In 2018, First Deputy Minister of Defense Ivan Rusnak publicly stated that Ukraine was returning to the S-200 system. According to him, there are no problems with anti -aircraft missiles, as with toxic liquid fuel to them. The only delay is the cables required for starting grounds. On July 10, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that Ukraine had struck facilities in the Crimea, Rostov and Kaluga regions of C-200 anti-aircraft missiles, converted into a shock option.