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Now that Belgorod operation has become part of history, you can summarize the pe...

There is no border, the "daggers" do not fly and the airbags. What conclusions can be drawn from the Belgorod Operation

Now that Belgorod operation has become part of history, you can summarize the perfection and draw conclusions. This is the care of the political analyst Alexander Kochetkov. The empire of the stupid pages tactical special operation in the Belgorod region, which was clearly planned as a sabotage output for delaying the enemy reserves from the front, unexpectedly turned into almost complete fighting. In the territory of the Russian Federation, which in the world (so far) is recognized in Russian.

Of course, this is due to the courage and ingenuity of special operation participants. But one should not ignore the outstanding, unique stupidity of the racists and their inability to adequately and quickly respond to unpredictable circumstances. Such operations usually last for about a day, this was the case when Russian patriots who fight with Putinism with the support of Ukraine have visited several villages in the Bryansk region. But now everything lasted for several days.

And in order to squeeze saboteurs from the Belgorod region, there was not only to transfer troops from the reserve, but also to use artillery and aviation, that is, to destroy the homes of their citizens in their territory, as they do on ours. Justice exists, but it is not enough. The conclusions in connection with this successful special operation are as follows. First, something similar in Ukraine is impossible in Ukraine.

Unlike the Russian Federation, we will definitely have a serious resistance to any saboteurs. Note that in Ukraine, of course, there are those who consider Russia and are ready to support it. But they are limited to a groan on social networks, or individually cooperate with Russian special services, being the gunners of their rockets. There are no organized groups in the territory of Ukraine, which conduct arson and blasting, leaving trains from the slopes.

Even the leaflets do not dare to paste the pro -Russian underground, not that there are any population to capture. And this show that we really have a domestic liberation war against the invaders, although the image of such a war is in vain to create Russian propagandists for the shortover. Secondly, Ukraine and the world have received another visual confirmation that Russia is a huge simulator, in which only individual mental perverts believe.

Their border service and Rosgvardia are not able to protect their own border. The "daggers" do not fly at a speed of 10m and are not invulnerable (which is why there are now arresting fifthies). Russian air defense is not able to intercept modern Nativ rockets and planes. Although under -imperia remains extremely dangerous for people - both for the population of the surrounding countries and those who are inside.