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Last year, the Russian Federation tested a sketchy rocket. Now the consequences ...

The explosion can destroy the entire ISS. As the vandalism of the Russian Federation in space led to the threat of space station

Last year, the Russian Federation tested a sketchy rocket. Now the consequences of this influence the work of the International Space Station, the Soviet Eelectronic Satellite Space Intelligence Space-1408, after completing the tasks in 1982-1984, peacefully survived in the Earth orbit, gradually losing height, and in 20-25 years he had to burn in dense sections of the atmosphere. But on November 15, 2021, the Russian sungry rocket decided to another way.

"The Russian Federation condemned a devastating test of a sketchy missile of a direct climb against one of its satellites," said the US Department of State Ned Price. In this case, the neo -Nazi Kremlin authorities demonstrated to the world, as it "resolves the Ukrainian issue" - due to complete destruction.

Since the satellite was developed and manufactured exclusively by enterprises located in the territory of Ukraine, as, incidentally, a rocket carrier that delivered it to orbit, it was considered an ideal goal for intimidation. The result of this vandal act is known to all - a bunch of space debris in orbits, which are widely used by all space states.

During this year, the information space simply torn from reports on the urgent maneuvers of spacecraft to evade a potential meeting with the fragments of the destroyed satellite. Subscribe to Liga. tech in Telegram: the main news of the world technology, the means of surveillance can be considered and then track the size in the earth's atmosphere).

In order to protect your own satellites and not create a chain reaction of new collisions through a potential meeting with debris, space systems operators had to carry out several thousand corrections of orbits of their own spacecraft.

The International Space Station (ICS) did not bypass such participation-its orbit has been changed several times because of this, and immediately after the destruction of space-1408, astronauts and astronauts were forced to take their seats in space capsules for emergency abandonment of the ISS.

But fragments of less than 10 cm in size can not be detected by land, and the corresponding space base systems are only developed, they will be able to be deployed and start operating effectively in only 7-10 years. The pieces from the destroyed conditionally "Ukrainian" satellite in size in the size of less than 10 cm rotate in orbits. And here one of them kissed the Rashist manned spacecraft "Union MS-22", which at this time was pierced to the ISS.

The revenge was successful - the destroyed system of thermoregulation of the aggregate compartment, which causes a complete leakage of the working body (see photo). If in the near future it is not possible to stabilize the temperature regime, then the greatest danger will be the heating of the fuel tanks of the "union" from the sun's rays, and the stocks there are sufficient to destroy the entire ISS in the event of an explosion.

With the approach of such events, US partners should require the distortion of the damaged ship from the ISS and take it to a safe orbit. In the event of a distillation of this kind of danger, it remains the question of whether this state of "MS-22" will be safe to return to the Earth an expedition that arrived in the ISS.