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Xi Jinping has determined: China for placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus

"The reality is that China has finally moved from the status of an observer in the war of the Russian ally. Opinion. Our information field loses its adequacy. And this is a dangerous trend that can reflect not only the growing social separation from reality, but also cognitive errors that can affect the centers of military-political decisions. Yesterday, some of the sites, especially telegrams, spread the news with the headline "China condemned the placement of nuclear weapons of Russia in Belarus".

If you read even this news longer than the heading, then black and white there is a fairly concise comment on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. Literally, it sounds like this: "On January fifth last year, the leaders of nuclear weapons have made a joint statement stating that it was impossible to win or wage a nuclear war. The statement stated that wars between states should be avoided have nuclear weapons and should reduce strategic risks. " There is no word in the statement.

Moreover, I think that the placement of ulcers in Belarus is an action agreed by Moscow with Beijing. Let's look at this statement. It has one important point: wars between nuclear states should be avoided. Not wars in general, namely between nuclear states.

Considering the phrase "reducing strategic risks" on this side, referring to Beijing's previous statements that the United States and the West are blowing up the war, sending weapons to Ukraine, its own placement in Belarus is the process of "reducing strategic risks". Because this poses an additional threat to NATO countries and therefore contributes to the restraint of "NATO militarism", forcing NATO and Ukraine to take into account a new factor in security threats.

This is the essence of the Chinese statement. This statement to support Russia's actions, not the other way around. Nuclear weapons in Belarus are a deterrent and for us in the case of new aggressive actions of Russia from the north. Recall that Lukashenko was recently in Beijing. Currently, the process of preparation of Belarus for the placement of ulcers has already begun. And it could not but be one of Lukashenko's conversation with SI.

You noticed, by the way, the references to the "peace plan" from public communication have disappeared. Everything is treating it as SI defeat. But no, it seems to me that SI and Putin have developed and agreed on a general pressure plan on the US and Europe. And the placement of ulcers in Belarus is the first stage of implementation of this plan. I don't have a ready -made answer how to respond to these calls. But before making a reaction model, you need to take reality.

And the reality is that China finally moved from the status of the observer in the war in the status of an ally of the Russian Federation. And that through Russian mediation, China will implement policies from undermining the positions and unity of the Euro -Atlantic world. Russia's aggression against Ukraine is the main lever of implementation of this policy.

To begin with, we would need to formulate a clear vision of these new circumstances and through diplomatic channels to articulate this vision for our allies. China will slowly go in support of Russia. And we and our partners would have to understand how to act in this new reality. Determine the trends that have acquired the outline and react proactively rather than reactive. But even the problem and tasks require not a politicized, but remote examination.