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The Head of the Bulgaria Defense Office Teodor Tagarev believes that there is no...

The resort in Bulgaria found UAVs: the Defense Ministry believes that it is associated with war in Ukraine (photo)

The Head of the Bulgaria Defense Office Teodor Tagarev believes that there is no reason to think that the Russian-Ukrainian war was bypassed by his country. Bulgaria Defense Minister Theodore Tagarev suggested that the unmanned aircraft found on the coast of the settlement of the Self -contained, has to do with the war in Ukraine. About it writes CNN on September 18. Theodore Tagarev said that the drone could be "connected with the war that Russia has solved against Ukraine.

" According to the minister, it is impossible to say exactly to whom the UAV owes and where he arrived in Bulgaria. The head of the Ministry of Defense noted that it is unknown how long the drone on the coast was unnoticed. He also mentioned that this was not the first such case. "There are already cases of falling of the remains of drones and other ammunition. We have no reason to think that this war will bypass us by the side," Tagarev said.

On September 17, the Bulgaria Ministry of Defense reported that a drone with explosives was found in the city of Tyulenovo. The aircraft was found at a popular tourist resort located near the neighboring Romania. According to nova. bg, the drone has a length of 3 to 3. 5 meters, and the bomb-about 50-60 cm. There are restaurants and hotels in the area where the drone was found. The guests of one of them saw a drone that floated in the sea a few kilometers from the rocks.