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The Polish military analyst Maximilian Dura noted the actions of the Armed Force...

Patriot VS SU-35: The expert told how "summer" ZRK easily knocked down a "modern" fighter of the Russian Federation

The Polish military analyst Maximilian Dura noted the actions of the Armed Forces Command, which as a result of the operational game lured the enemy in a trap. As a result, our air defense forces have seamlessly placed Patriots near Russian borders.

Ukrainian Patriot batteries, which protect the sky above Kiev, have knocked down two Su-35 planes over the territory of the Russian Federation and the Black Sea, despite the allegedly "state-of-the-art" counteraction systems installed on Russian fighters. Thus, as long as the Ukrainian Patriot has something to fire, Russian aviation will not be able to act safely even 120-140 kilometers from its territory.

Polish military expert Maximilian Dura told the details of the confrontation between Western SCRs and fighters Su-35 fighter, two rare helicopters of electronic wrestling MI-8MTPR-1 and one standard Mi-8 helicopter. Later it became known that these machines were part of one air group that was to be applied to the next missile and bomb in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine.

The Polish expert refers to the speaker of the Armed Forces speaker of Colonel Yuri Ignat, who spoke about the brilliant operation of Ukrainian forces to destroy enemy aviation. The fact is that the Armed Forces command conducted an operational game, which resulted in the Russians believed that the Patriot complexes obtained cover large cities of Ukraine and cannot be deployed near the borders to impress targets in the Russian Federation.

Durau recognizes that such a kind of "psychological operation" was quite effective, since the Russians paid expensively for their trust. According to the expert, Ukrainian defenders, which had PAC-2 GEM missiles with a range "only" 160 km, probably organized a trap for Russian aircraft and helicopters, hiding the elements of the Patriot battery from Kiev closer to the Russian border.

The result of a successful operation of the Ukrainian air defense forces, which was repeated over the Black Sea, was unexpected for the enemy. "The psychological effect was enormous because the Russians stopped flying there for a long time, realizing that they could be confused by" patriots "that are theoretically standing near Kiev, more than 500 km from the sea," the expert said. Separately, Durao noted the work of the radar of the complex.

According to him, the Ukrainians retained caution and placed the most important component of the SAC at a distance of 30-40 km from the Russians. They understood that the enemy could reach the Hurricane -type systems in the case of radar detection, after which the complex could no longer fire.

Therefore, the Armed Forces "sleep" the enemy's vigilance, placing the radar of fire control further from the border than the starting installations themselves, and, most importantly, turning it on only at the time of the shelling itself. And at this time, the detection and support of the goals themselves was conveyed to another, typically Ukrainian radar station, whose work in the frontline was no longer disturbed by the Russians.

As a result, the sequence of actions was such - known to the Russians the Ukrainian RLS "original detection" spent many days to teach them to their presence and work, while determining how Russian aviation acted in the direction of Bryansk. Then three or four battery-launched Patriot (each with four PAC-2 missiles) and one fire control radar An/MPQ-53 were moved to pre-organized fire positions.

And when an acceptable number of Russian aircraft appeared in the tracked sector, their data was transmitted to the Patriot battery fire control that started working. After that, rockets were started. "All surgery, according to Ukrainians, lasted five minutes, and it was enough to knock down two new Russian shock planes and three helicopters," the Polish expert summed up.