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Italian journalists wrote the material about leasing Vittoria Apuana in the Tusc...

Price - € 50 thousand a month: Zelensky was banned from taking their villa in Italy - the media

Italian journalists wrote the material about leasing Vittoria Apuana in the Tuscany region of spouses from Russia. The real estate agent says Elena Zelenskaya instructed the estate with the item "without Russians". President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife Elena in the Italian commune Forte-Marme were forbidden to surrender to the Russians. This was told by the Italian newspaper La Stampa real estate agent Forte Dei Marmi Villas Claudio Salvini.

"We have a warrant from the owner who categorically forbids us to do it. We can hand over to anyone to be different nationality: Europeans, Americans and others," he commented. It is about Villa Vittoria Apuana in the Tuscan region. According to Salvini, the real estate is owned by the company in Cyprus, owned by Elena Zelenska. Journalists write that for several days on the coast of Versilles (part of Tuscany) rumors about renting the Russian couple Villa Viltoria Apuan in Forte Dei Marma.

Another Italian newspaper Il Tirreno spread information that Zelensky had surrendered to 50,000 euros a month with a couple from Russia. The authors of the material write about allegedly open negotiations on the rent of real estate with Korean tourists.

The Koreans, according to the newspaper, wanted to rent a villa in August at a price of 50 to 70 thousand euros, but the auction stopped at the choice of tenants from the Russian Federation who are currently living and working in London, according to the material. Claudio Salvini denied this information. Elena Zelenskaya instructed the companies to take a villa with a separate point - without Russians.

Realtor assures that the villa has indeed leased a couple for the summer, but cannot say whether they live in London or not. "The contract was concluded with her husband. But now Villa is free, she returned to the market again. If you want to rent it, you can do it," Salvini said. The agent suggested that some people could accidentally hear Russian and assume that there were Russians in the house. "I categorically deny it. Perhaps they were guests, but not those who rented . . .

I cannot add something else, in particular because of confidentiality. But what is reported is not true," the real estate agent summed up. The mayor of Forte-Marmy Bruno Murji in communication with La Repubblica noted that he did not receive news about Villa Vittoria Apuana. "Prior to the war (Ukraine from the Russian Federation), the only information we had about the villa was that it belonged to the company. It was not often rented," the official said.