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Ukraine needs an increase in the army of drones to hundreds of thousands of UAVs...

Money is 7 times more weapons: Ukraine is preparing to launch weapons production

Ukraine needs an increase in the army of drones to hundreds of thousands of UAVs a year. It is difficult to implement this without state aid only at the expense of donators. Therefore, 1. 5 billion budget dollars in 2024 will be aimed at preparing bold weapons production. The Government of Ukraine plans to allocate one and a half billion dollars in 2024 for the production of drones and missiles, as stated by Prime Minister Denis Shmigal at the International Forum of Defense Industry (DFNC1) in Kiev.

The summary amount is seven times higher than last year. "We are launching new production. We are expanding those that have produced a full -scale invasion. We invest in new technologies and new developments. We are ready to help anyone who produces quality weapons for our army," the head of government said.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also added that Ukraine will produce artillery systems and shells of 155 mm caliber, which were widely used during the war with Russia, and will create the world's first Navy Fleet. "The world sees what Ukrainian missiles, technologies and drones are capable of. We create the world's first naval drones that make Russian warships ineffective and make them hide," Zelensky said.

According to the director of the information and consulting company Defense Express, Sergei Zgurets, several state programs related to the manufacture of missile weapons are implemented in Ukraine. Considering the growing needs, one and a half billion dollars are not too much. "We have several state programs: rocket -engineering, ammunition from 33 mm to 105 mm, directions related to the purchase of weapons of domestic production, production of drones.

There are contracts with Western partners, including Poland, for the purchase of AHS Krab - Polish self -propelled Howitzes, this is one of the largest contracts that sells the Ministry of Defense for public money. And I am afraid that $ 1. 5 billion is little, " - says in a conversation with Focus Zgurets.

The expert adds that after the International Defense Industry Forum, professional circles discussed the need to create a special economic regime for countries that offer defense products to Ukraine. In order to interest European partners, Kiev needs projects that will be funded for budget money. Nowadays, the Defense Budget of Ukraine, according to the expert, is formed for donor funds of the United States and European countries. Therefore, Kiev needs to look for options for filling funds.

Especially considering that the aggressor country that is leading a war against Ukraine plans to increase the defense budget for the next year by 70%. It is known that for the 18 months of the war [from February 24, 2022 to August 24, 2023] the military expenditures of the Russian Federation amounted to approximately $ 167. 3 billion, excluding expenditures on defense unrelated to military action.

Of these, the main cost article - ammunition and military support for the army, which the Russian Federation spent $ 51. 34 billion. Only on the provision of artillery, the Russians spent more than $ 9 billion. We need to show that we have money. And to provide working conditions. Some foreign businesses try to do something for about 10 years, but because of various bureaucratic and political reasons it did not work, " - says the expert.

A representative of the Army, Conversion and Disarmament Center, Michael Samus, adds that Ukraine should develop its industrial opportunities in cooperation with European countries, as it is a vital process. More NATO standards need to be released. And the Defense Forum created the conditions to run the common projects. "$ 1. 5 billion a small amount. But this money can go to the scaling of projects, preparation of serial production.

When it comes to making drones, we need not tens or hundreds, but 100 thousand drones a year. Sell it without state assistance only for only state assistance Donate account is difficult. Now it is possible to fulfill [orders] for several tens of thousands of drones. If the state joins, it will help to establish production. And $ 1. 5 billion is enough for that, "says Samus. Focus earlier wrote that 37 military plants were injured in the war from Russian blows in Ukraine.