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Mammulak's volunteer Mamuk, who is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said...

"State Air" in Georgia: Commander of "Georgian Legion" accused the special services of working on the Russian Federation

Mammulak's volunteer Mamuk, who is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the fighters of his unit could not be found in Georgia. The commander of the Georgian Legion, Mamuka Mamulalashvili, who is fighting for Ukraine against Russia, called information about his involvement in the probable coup in Georgia, a lie. He stated this in conversation with The Insider journalists.

According to him, the Georgian State Security Service (SDB) has been working for Russians for a long time and follow the Kremlin's instructions. He called their actions propaganda at the Georgian level. "Our special services have long been working for the Russians and carrying out the Kremlin directives," Mamulashvili explained. In Georgia, according to him, the fighters of his unit cannot be found.

He emphasized that if the local special services went to his homeland, they would not have learned about it, as he would have planned everything clearly. "In Georgia, we absolutely cannot be," the fighter added. The State Security Service of Georgia stated that preparation for the coup is underway in the country. The conspirators, according to the intelligence services, are associates of Expatable Mikhail Saakashvili and the Georgian military who are fighting on the side of Ukraine.

At the same time, the agency did not publish any evidence that would confirm their statement. As if it were to take place in October-December, when the European Commission will decide to obtain Tbilisi's status as a candidate in the EU. According to the intelligence service, as the country will be denied candidates, "conspirators" will accuse power of conducting pro -Russian interests and bring out the people on the street. In Ukraine, these accusations were rejected.