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According to official data, 2022, after the removal of Covid, 58 thousand citize...

Thousands of Russians fled to Bali during the war: Indonesia introduces new restrictions

According to official data, 2022, after the removal of Covid, 58 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation went to Bali. The Ukrainians who find themselves here complain that the new visa ban on the arrival also affects them. Since the beginning of a large -scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, tens of thousands of Russians went to Bali.

Now the authorities of the Indonesian island are trying to limit the issuance of visas for citizens of the Russian Federation, such an event also extends to Ukrainians. About it reports CNN. According to the Government of Indonesia, about 58 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation visited the Bali Island in 2022 after removal of Covid restrictions, and only in January 2023 22,500 Russians arrived. Last year, Bali also visited 7,000 Ukrainians and about 2. 5 thousand in January.

However, last week, the local government called for the cancellation rule after arriving for citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Local authorities talk about numerous incidents related to improper behavior. It is reported that the Russians, as well as Ukrainians, are on the island for a longer time, and at this time work illegally hairdressers, unofficial guides and taxi drivers.

"Whenever we receive a message about the improper behavior of a foreigner, it is almost always Russians," a local police officer from the city of corner said in an interview. According to him, many foreigners behave as if they are over the law, and this should be stopped. Tourists often get to local news headlines for disrespect for shrines, the presence of drunk and undressed in public. At the same time, such prohibition measures also touch on many Ukrainians on the island.

According to them, most public order violations occur through the Russians. "Why are these two countries? Because they are fighting and fleeing here," said Governor Bali Viang Koster. At the request of journalists at the Embassy of Ukraine in Indonesia, the changes in visa rules were commented on the words that in Bali were mostly Ukrainian, and not for tourist purposes, but for the reunification of families. There was no comment from the Russian Embassy. The Russians also go to Thailand.

An investment bank's export employee in St. Petersburg, who purchased an apartment on Phuket Island, said life in Russia is now "very difficult". "No one wants to stay and live during the war. Thoughts about returning to Russia, where they can wait for punishment, are also anxious. It is worth investing in real estate here, it is cheaper than in Moscow," he explained. According to Indonesian authorities, some Russians have been arrested and deported.

Among them, the 28-year-old Moskvich, who was detained when it turned out that he worked as a photographer. A native of Ukraine named Dmitry said Bali is a good place to live, because it is good, good climate and safe. "Yes, there are groups of tourists from the Russian Federation, but there are no Russian soldiers. Ukrainians respect local laws and culture. They do a lot to the local community and do not pose a risk for people in Bali.

It is a pity that Ukrainians are attributed to the same category as Russians" , - the citizen of Ukraine said. He also added that the Russians are the second largest tourist group in Bali. According to him, if you read local news, you can find out that they often violate legislation and do not honor culture. "Why should Ukrainians suffer when we are not creating problems?" He asks. Recall that hundreds of Russians go to the United States through Mexico because of the ban on Latin Americans.